Large-scale Operation Confiscates Huge Quantities of Smuggled Vapes in Turkey


Turkey’s anti-smuggling and organized crime unit conducted a major raid and seized a large amount of smuggled goods.

According to Yenihaberden, the Turkish Anti-Smuggling and Organized Crime Department conducted a large-scale search operation targeting smugglers and successfully seized a significant amount of smuggled goods.

The police have seized a total of 2,830 packs of smuggled cigarettes, 2,450 units of illegal medical products, 1,235,000 sticks of filled cigarettes, 63,000 packs of cigarette paper, 76,000 empty cigarette shells, 46 kilograms of chopped tobacco, 324 e-cigarettes, 8 smuggled mobile phones, and 84 bottles of illegal perfume in four shops, two residences, two warehouses, and two vehicles. A total of 11 individuals have been detained and charged with violating anti-smuggling laws.

Police officials have vowed to crack down on smuggling activities causing harm to the government and the public, emphasizing that such actions will face continued intervention.

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