Large-scale e-cigarette smuggling case uncovered in Vietnam


Vietnamese authorities cracked down on an e-cigarette smuggling case, seizing over 100,000 illegal e-cigarettes worth over 3 billion Vietnamese dong.

According to VTV’s report on November 1st, the tax and customs departments in Bắc Ninh province of Vietnam successfully cracked down on a case of e-cigarette smuggling. Enforcement officials discovered over 100,000 illicit e-cigarettes in a warehouse in Thuan Thanh commune, with an estimated value exceeding 3 billion Vietnamese dong.


The warehouse is located in an industrial area in Shuncheng Town. It has discreetly registered itself as an electronic product manufacturing factory in order to evade official supervision. Local law enforcement officials, during a surprise inspection, discovered numerous sealed cartons divided into various types, containing over 103,000 e-cigarettes of different kinds and models.


According to the Market Management Bureau of North Ning Province, these smuggled e-cigarettes, after being gathered in a central warehouse, may be sold in many provinces throughout the country. Currently, law enforcement authorities in North Ning Province are in the process of assessing over 100,000 e-cigarette products to gather information and determine whether to confiscate this batch of goods.


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