KT&G Achieves ‘A+’ Rating in KCGS ESG Assessment


KT&G, a South Korean company, achieves ‘A+’ ranking in ESG assessment, making it the only one in the domestic food, beverage, and tobacco industry.

On November 1st, it was announced by South Korean firm KT&G that it has achieved an ‘A+’ rating (excellent) in the ‘KCGS ESG Assessment and Rating Announcement’ released by the Korean ESG Standard Organization (KCGS). This marks the 13th consecutive year that the company has received a rating of ‘A’ or higher (excellent) in the assessment.

Among the 1,049 companies assessed, only 19 achieved an ‘A+’ rating, accounting for a mere 1.8% of the total. Remarkably, the sole enterprise to receive an ‘A+’ rating in the domestic food, beverage, and tobacco industry is KT&G.

KT&G has garnered praise for its efforts in various areas such as environmental protection and social governance. The company has implemented a range of measures, including the introduction of the Board Skills Matrix (BSM), to strengthen its corporate governance.

KT&G has announced its commitment to creating tangible ESG performance and actively managing risks and opportunities related to sustainable development. Additionally, the company aims to develop unique competitiveness in its value chain.

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