JTI to Launch “Mevius Gold Purple Mint” Pod in 2024

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Japanese tobacco company, Japan Tobacco, will gradually introduce a new tobacco device “With 2” with a “Mevius Gold Purple Mint” pod from January 22, 2024.

Japanese media Mynavi reported on December 25th that Japan Tobacco will gradually launch the companion pod “Mevius Gold Purple Mint” in its tobacco device “With 2″ starting from January 22nd, 2024. This product includes five pods and one tobacco box, with a price of 580 yen (about 29 yuan) and will be sold in convenience stores, tobacco shops, and other locations nationwide.

With 2” utilizes cutting-edge plant decarbonization technology, using oil smoke to generate smoke through capsules filled with tobacco particles, achieving the functionalities of “zero pre-heating time,” “almost imperceptible tobacco flavor,” and “flavor without any unwelcome taste.

Currently, the sales of flavored tobacco are seeing a significant increase in the domestic tobacco market in Japan. Among them, both traditional cigarettes and heated tobacco options, the berry flavor is the top choice in terms of market share. As a result, in response to market demand, “With 2” has also launched a “berry flavor” option.

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