JTI Introduces Ploom X Advanced, Revolutionizing Tobacco Experience


Japan Tobacco Corporation (JT) announced the launch of their new heated tobacco product “Ploom X Advanced” on November 21st.

On October 30, according to an official announcement on the Japan Tobacco website, Japan Tobacco Corporation (JT) has revealed that its latest heated tobacco product, “Ploom X Advanced,” will be available for purchase at convenience stores and tobacco retailers nationwide starting from November 21.

Furthermore, starting from October 31st, this product will also be available for pre-sale to Ploom X CLUB members on the CLUB JT online store and at Ploom stores nationwide.

JT Corporation has announced that its latest device, the “Ploom X Advanced,” offers significant improvements in taste and user experience compared to existing devices. Additionally, it incorporates a range of advanced features, including:

The “Power Heatflow” heating technology has been upgraded, increasing the maximum heating temperature from 295 degrees Celsius to 320 degrees Celsius. The new automatic heating feature allows heating to start automatically as soon as the cigarette is inserted into the device. Compared to the existing models, the charging time of the new device has been reduced to approximately 90 minutes from around 110 minutes.

The suggested retail price for JT’s recommendation, including taxes, is 1980 Japanese yen (equivalent to $13.25). It is worth noting that, after the release of Ploom X Advanced, JT will discontinue the existing Ploom X devices in the Japanese market.

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