Introducing the New VUSE GO 5000 and VUSE GO 6000 Disposable Vapes: A Breakthrough in Vapor Technology

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VUSE recently introduced “VUSE GO 5000” and “VUSE GO 6000” disposable products in the Middle East market. These new products offer high nicotine content, with the “VUSE GO 5000” providing 5000 puffs and the “VUSE GO 6000” offering 6000 puffs.

The “VUSE GO 5000” and “VUSE GO 6000” come in 5 different flavors, including mango ice, grape ice, blueberry ice, mint ice, and blue raspberry.

The official retail price of the VUSE GO 5000 is 80 dirhams, equivalent to approximately 155 Chinese yuan. It was found that in Russia, a similar product with 5000 puffs was available for 1300 Russian rubles, approximately 95 Chinese yuan, which was 60 Chinese yuan lower than the price in the Middle East.

It’s clear that VUSE is expanding its offerings in the disposable vape market, with these new products catering to consumers in the Middle East.
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