The 5 Best Vape Shows: A Guide to the Top Vaping Events of the Year

Vaping has become more than just a trend; it’s a global phenomenon that has given rise to a thriving industry. With the growth of the e-cigarette market, numerous events and expos are held around the world to showcase the latest products, technologies, and innovations. This is a guide to the top vaping events of the year, including the renowned IECIE show, vape expo 2022, and more.

Vapexpo France – April 2023

A distinguished event in the European vaping scene, Vapexpo France is a must-visit for enthusiasts and industry professionals alike. Keep an eye out for the latest trends and technologies in the French market, and don’t miss the vape expo 2023 dates.

MEVS – Middle East Vape Show – July 2023

The Middle East Vape Show (MEVS) is a significant event that caters to the growing vaping community in the Middle East. From new flavors to cutting-edge devices, MEVS offers a comprehensive look at the regional market, including the Egypt vape show 2023.

Alternative Products Expo Dallas – July 2023

This expo in Dallas focuses on alternative products, including e-cigarettes. It’s an excellent opportunity to explore different options and innovations in the vaping industry, including the weed and vape expo.

WBE – World Battery Industry Expo – August 2023

Though not exclusively focused on vaping, the World Battery Industry Expo provides insights into the battery technologies that power e-cigarettes. It’s a valuable event for those interested in the technical aspects of vaping devices.

IECIE Vape Show Jakarta – JIExpo – August 2023

IECIE is a globally influential and large-scale e-cigarette industry expo, known as one of the best vape shows. With its roots in Shenzhen, China, IECIE has expanded its reach to the United States and Europe, including the vape show Germany 2023. The Jakarta expo is part of this global expansion, offering a platform for product updates, technological innovation, market expansion, and cross-border trade.


Vapexpro Bulgaria & Poland – October 2023

Vapexpro hosts events in both Bulgaria and Poland, providing a platform for Eastern European vaping enthusiasts and businesses. These expos are known for their vibrant atmosphere and extensive product showcases, including Vapexpo Spain 2023.

UKVIA Forum – November 2023

The UK Vaping Industry Association (UKVIA) Forum is a significant gathering for industry leaders and policymakers. It’s a place for serious discussions about regulations, market trends, and the future of vaping in the UK, including the NEC vape expo 2023 and vape expo Birmingham 2023.

World Vape Show Dubai 2023 Exhibitor List

The world vape show Dubai 2023 is a notable event in the global vaping calendar. With an extensive exhibitor list, it’s a must-visit for anyone interested in the latest trends and products, including the Dubai vape expo 2023.

Spotlight: IECIE

IECIE started in 2015 and has become a leading professional B2B and B2C industry event globally. Covering the industrial supply chain from upstream accessories to downstream finished product solutions, IECIE is more than just an expo; it’s a hub for global e-cigarette product technology and brand promotion. In 2022, IECIE formally moved overseas, exerting a greater global influence and integrating industrial labor, technology, equipment, and other resources.


The vaping industry is dynamic and ever-evolving. These events, including the ECC vape expo, Canada vape show, vape shop Europe, vape show near me, vape show Bahrain, and vape expo Europe, provide a glimpse into the future of vaping. They offer opportunities to connect with industry leaders, discover new products, and understand emerging trends. Whether you’re a casual vaper or an industry professional, these shows offer something for everyone. Mark your calendars and get ready to explore the vibrant world of vaping, and don’t forget to check out the vaper expo awards and vape expo awards 2022!

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IECIE Vape Show has focused on the vape industry since 2015 and won the support of the Informa group. As the world’s leading professional B2B and B2C industry event, IECIE Vape Show has grown to be a successful brand and professional business platform for the vape industry!

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