IECIE’s New Journey: Exploring the Vape Market in Italy and France

IECIE, a prominent name in the electronic vapor industry, is embarking on a thrilling journey to expand its horizons in Italy and France. With strategic collaborations and well-planned exhibitions, IECIE is setting the stage for a remarkable presence in the European market. Let’s dive into the details!

IECIE’s Strategic Collaborations in Europe

IECIE has announced a series of exhibitions in collaboration with well-known European vape show organizers like Vapitaly and Vapexpo. These collaborations aim to explore the European market, focusing on cities like Rome, Paris, and Verona.

European Market Trends

The European market shows promising growth, with only 7 out of 46 countries imposing restrictions on flavored vapes. With plans like “Smoke-Free 2040,” vaping is seen as a significant contributor to achieving this goal. Here’s a snapshot of the current trends:

  1. Leading Countries: The UK, France, Italy, and Germany are leading in the industry.
  2. Chinese Influence: Chinese companies are prominent in compliance imports, with disposable products and fruit flavors being highly popular.
  3. Market Outlook: Environmental and compliance issues are highlighting the potential for adult replacement markets.

IECIE@Vapitaly: Italy’s Influential Vape Show

IECIE’s collaboration with Vapitaly, a significant international vape exhibition in Italy, has led to successful shows since 2015. The upcoming IECIE@VapitalyPRO 2023 in Rome and IECIE@Vapitaly 2024 in Verona are highly anticipated events focusing on B2B connections and global distribution channels.

IECIE@Vapexpo: France’s Awaited Vape Show

IECIE’s first collaboration with Vapexpo in Paris is set for March 23-25, 2024. Vapexpo has been a growing presence in France since 2014, and this collaboration aims to create a global, international platform for industry exchange.

Conclusion: IECIE’s Vape Show – A Global Phenomenon

IECIE’s expansion into Italy and France is a testament to its commitment to global growth and innovation. By aligning with influential European vape shows, IECIE is not only exploring new markets but also fostering international relationships. Don’t miss the opportunity to be part of these exciting events. Book your spot now and explore the European market with IECIE! For more details on previous shows, check out the Vapitaly 2023 review. Learn more about IECIE. Why You Should Take Part in Vapitaly and IECIE: A Comprehensive Guide

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