Indonesian Authorities Discuss Illegal Tobacco Trade in Press Conference

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Indonesia Pasuruan Customs and local prosecutor jointly display the investigation results of illegal tobacco trade.

According to a report by Gatra, the Pasuruan Customs and the local prosecutor’s office in Indonesia held a joint press conference to present their findings from an investigation into illegal tobacco trading activities. Hatta Wardhana, the head of Pasuruan Customs, openly stated that their collaboration aims to completely eradicate illegal tobacco in the Pasuruan region.

According to reports, this joint investigation is a follow-up action by customs authorities in response to the seizure of a vehicle involved in the illegal transportation of untaxed tobacco.

At the same time, two male suspects named JIE and RM have been detained. The confiscated items in this operation include illegal tobacco products from 12 different brands, which amounted to a total of 316,800 units, with a total estimated value of 401,504,000 Indonesian Rupiah. This has resulted in a financial loss of 277,301,816 Indonesian Rupiah for the country.

This measure aims to deter criminals and remind business operators to strictly adhere to relevant regulations.


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