Indonesia Customs Seizes 520 Boxes of Illegal Cigarettes


Indonesia Customs crack down on tobacco smuggling, seizing 520 boxes of illegal cigarettes worth millions in potential losses.

According to a report from the Indonesian Times on November 7th, the Surabaya Customs in Indonesia has bolstered its regulatory efforts to combat tobacco smuggling, resulting in the successful seizure of 520 cases of illicit cigarettes.

According to statements from the apprehended truck driver, this batch of tobacco products was transported from several transit stations of JNT Express. A total of approximately 489,000 illegal cigarette sticks were seized in this incident, with an estimated value of 614,448,000 Indonesian Rupiahs, which could potentially result in a loss of 327,542,400 Indonesian Rupiahs for the country.

The suspect in this case will face imprisonment ranging from a minimum of one year to a maximum of eight years, in accordance with Articles 54 and 56 of the law, along with a fine equaling at least double but not exceeding ten times the amount of tax payable.

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