Illegal E-Liquid Arrests in Okinawa Result in Multiple Arrests

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According to Okinawa Times, Okinawa police have arrested and charged three suspects for possessing e-liquids containing designated drug ingredients.

According to a report by the Okinawa Times on December 13, the Chief of Okinawa Prefecture Police, Yuzhi Kamaya, announced that the police have arrested and charged three suspects for allegedly possessing e-liquids containing specified drug substances during their investigations from January to the end of October this year.

Local police arrested three individuals in September on charges of violating the pharmaceuticals and medical devices law (possession). Among them is a 41-year-old man who was found in possession of e-liquid containing substances similar to cannabis within the city of Ishigaki.

Director Kamaya also stated, “In recent years, certain foods and tobacco products sold in the market have been advertised as legal marijuana, when in fact they may contain illegal drug ingredients.”

The Japanese parliament amended a law on December 2 to regulate the designated drug HHCH (hexahydrocannabinol), yet no law enforcement actions have been taken to date.

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