Illegal E-cigarette Worth 2.5 Million Hryvnia Seized by Ukrainian Customs


Ukrainian customs officials seize illegal e-cigarettes worth 2.5 million hryvnia from vehicles crossing from Poland.

According to Ukrainian media Маргарита Пашкова on the evening of October 30th, customs officials in the Lviv region of Ukraine discovered illegal e-cigarettes worth 2.5 million hryvnia (approximately 500,000 yuan) during the inspection of two minibuses and an SUV. These vehicles entered the country from Poland, attempting to use the “green corridor” and claiming that there were no goods requiring customs declaration or taxation on board.


However, upon closer inspection, it was discovered that one vehicle was carrying 2250 flavored e-cigarettes, another vehicle contained 816 flavored e-cigarettes, and the remaining SUV concealed 1230 flavored e-cigarettes.


All three drivers are residents of the Lviv region and are facing penalties under Article 471, Section 3 of Ukrainian Customs Law: failure to declare goods prohibited or restricted by law for importation may result in a fine equivalent to 300 times the minimum taxable income, and may also lead to seizure of the goods.


Currently, these confiscated undeclared e-cigarettes have been temporarily detained and will be subjected to specific penalties in accordance with Ukrainian customs laws.


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