Horizon-Jeunesse School, Canada, Launches Smoke-Free Generation Initiative


Horizon-Jeunesse high school in Laval, Quebec, has launched the Smoke-Free Generation Plan to discourage e-cigarette use among students.

According to Courrierlaval, on November 6th, Horizon-Jeunesse High School in Laval, Quebec, Canada, launched the Smoke-Free Generation Program (PGSF) for the first time within the school.

The initiative, launched by the Quebec Tobacco and Health Commission, aims to encourage students to quit using e-cigarettes and strengthen law enforcement in schools across Quebec.

On October 16th, the program was launched for the first time to students at Horizon-Jeunesse High School, with the aim of preventing student smoking and promoting public health. The school administration has established a dedicated committee and collected statistics on student e-cigarette usage, to ensure a healthy and safe learning environment.

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