Generation Z’s Increasing Trend of Vaping in the Bedroom: The Rise of E-Cigarette Use

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Z Generation is bringing e-cigarettes into the bedroom, leaving millennials confused and sparking a debate over nicotine content.

According to a recent report by adelaidenow, Generation Z youths are transforming culture with their casual pocket jeans, low-key exits, and confident voices. And now, they are also bringing e-cigarettes into the bedroom, perplexing any millennials who prefer tight jeans.

An anonymous social media user posted in a popular Facebook group with over 50,000 members, asking if people engage in e-cigarette use in bed. “My partner brings their e-cigarette to bed because they don’t fall asleep immediately; they watch YouTube videos on their phone and vape,” she explained. She expressed her frustration with this habit, as the e-cigarette inevitably ends up getting lost in their bedsheets.

Although there is much controversy surrounding whether e-cigarettes should be allowed in bedrooms, over 700 members have revealed that they have indeed used e-cigarettes in their bedrooms, suggesting that despite the ongoing debate, this practice is widely prevalent.

Recent research has revealed that one-third of individuals aged between 13 and 17 have experimented with e-cigarettes, while half of those aged between 18 and 24 have also tried them. Therefore, it may come as no surprise that they may carry the habit of vaping e-cigarettes into their bedrooms.

People in the comments section are engaging in a heated discussion about whether e-cigarettes contain nicotine or not. Some argue that e-cigarettes without nicotine can be safely used in bedrooms, while those with nicotine cannot be.

This issue has been widely discussed on TikTok, where people jokingly talk about smoking e-cigarettes in bed and share their preference for doing so. They are merely discussing this habit. It is evident that this “barbaric” behavior of smoking e-cigarettes in bed is extremely popular among Generation Z.

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