French MP Calls Out Prime Minister for Hypocrisy Regarding E-Cigarette Usage

French MP Accuses Prime Minister of Hypocrisy Over E-Cigarette Use


French MP Caroline Fiat accuses Prime Minister Elisabeth Borne of hypocritically using an e-cigarette in parliament, violating smoke-free policies.

According to a report by French media L’Yonne on November 30, French Member of Parliament Caroline Fiat has accused Prime Minister Elisabeth Borne of using an e-cigarette in the parliamentary chamber and called for her to cease doing so.

French MP Accuses Prime Minister of Hypocrisy Over E-Cigarette Use
On November 28th, in the French National Assembly, Prime Minister Elizabeth Bourne was seen vaping an e-cigarette while addressing the government | Image source: AFP.


The day after the Ministry of Health announced its comprehensive smoking ban plan, Bon was found openly using an e-cigarette in the National Assembly.


This move has triggered a rebuttal from Fiat lawmakers, who argue that despite the recent announcement by the Minister of Health to ban smoking near beaches and public buildings for public health reasons, the Prime Minister is openly neglecting this aspect.


Fiat spokesperson expressed: “We’re here to create laws and should not surpass the law. It is a complete disregard and disrespect towards me when you puff on an e-cigarette in this hall while I’m speaking to you. Moreover, it is detrimental to health.


It is worth noting that the accusations against Boone occurred just two days after the Health Minister announced the “Smoke-free Generation” anti-smoking agenda, which proposed a series of measures to control tobacco consumption between 2023 and 2027, including the ban on the sale of disposable e-cigarettes.


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