Exploring Public Input: Brazil’s Contemplation of E-Cigarette Regulation

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Brazil’s health regulator, Anvisa, launches a 60-day public consultation on the use of e-cigarettes in the country.

According to Brazilian media outlet Poder 360, the Brazilian National Health Surveillance Agency (Anvisa) has initiated a public consultation on the use of e-cigarettes in Brazil on December 12th.

The consultation will last for 60 days, and everyone has the right to participate. According to reports, the organization previously banned the use of e-cigarettes in Brazil in 2009. However, in July 2022, the board of directors of the organization once again made a resolution on the matter, unanimously deciding to maintain the ban.

According to reports, there are various types of e-cigarettes, with the most common being vaporizers – devices that allow users to inhale flavored and nicotine-infused vapor. In addition, there are also e-cigarette devices that can heat tobacco without combustion.

According to Antonio Barra Torres, the President of Brazil’s National Health Surveillance Agency, the issue will be re-evaluated after collecting all opinions, as announced during the public consultation in October 2023.

Jose Costa e Silva, a psychologist from Brazil who previously served as a board member for the World Health Organization (WHO), has voiced his support for the regulation of e-cigarettes.

He believes that all prohibited things are harmful and opposes complete prohibition. His viewpoint is that many people fail to understand the difference between standardized management and complete prohibition.

The report concludes that Gonzalo Vecina, professor at the College of Public Health at the University of São Paulo and former president of Brazil’s National Health Surveillance Agency, also supports the regulation of e-cigarettes.

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