Enhancing Smoke-Free Zones and Prohibiting E-Cigarettes in Spain: A Step towards Healthier Communities

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Spain’s Ministry of Health is considering expanding smoke-free zones and banning e-cigarettes in a tobacco control plan.

According to a recent report by the European magazine, the Spanish Ministry of Health is considering a proposal to expand smoke-free zones and ban the use of e-cigarettes as part of an anti-tobacco initiative.

The Ministry of Health will expand the scope of smoke-free areas as a key initiative, which will include terraces, beaches, as well as vehicles with minors and pregnant women. This measure will encompass all tobacco products, including e-cigarettes.

The Minister of Health, Mónica García, and the Secretary of State for Health, Javier Padilla, stated during a press conference:

We must reexamine this plan, as it is the only measure that can offer a longer lifespan and improved quality of life for the population, specifically by reducing smoking.

Garcia cited the draft of the “Comprehensive Smoking Prevention and Control Plan 2021-2025” formulated by her department in December 2019, which was ultimately finalized with input from the Scientific Association and the National Smoking Prevention Committee (CNPT). The plan aims to expand smoke-free areas, such as vehicles, beaches, or terraces where minors and pregnant women are present, as well as address new challenges posed by e-cigarette products.

Reducing the use of smoking and e-cigarettes has emerged as a key focus, confirmed Garcia. During this legislative period, the anti-tobacco initiative will primarily revolve around several laws aiming to decrease tobacco consumption, particularly among minors.

The Ministry of Health is set to regulate the use of e-cigarette devices, which former Health Minister José Miñones recognized as not being the smoking cessation method they are promoted to be. According to the National Tobacco Prevention Committee (CNPT), e-cigarettes increase the likelihood of becoming a traditional tobacco smoker fourfold.

In addition, 80% of underage smokers begin their habit with e-cigarettes.

The Andalusian region has recently announced a ban on the sale of e-cigarettes to minors, with the aim of addressing the issue of underage smoking.

If the “Smoking Prevention and Control Program” becomes law, smoke-free areas will expand. Not only will smoking be prohibited on terraces, but also in outdoor sports fields (such as football or athletics tracks) and outdoor areas where minors are expected to be present, including beaches.

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