Enhanced Cannabis e-Cigarette with Dual Communication Feature: Introducing TempSure™ Smart Technology

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SMISS, a Chinese company from Shenzhen, unveiled TempSure™, an intelligent cannabis e-cigarette, at the MJBizCon CBD/THC/Cannabis Expo in Las Vegas.

On November 29, the 2023 MJBizCon CBD/THC/Cannabis Expo, one of the largest cannabis industry exhibitions in the world, commenced as scheduled in Las Vegas, United States. SMISS, a company based in Shenzhen, China, unveiled their first-ever cannabis e-cigarette hardware with intelligent two-way communication capabilities, known as TempSure™, during this event.

TempSure™ is a product developed by SMISS that combines an intelligent MCU control chip with a proprietary PID dynamic compensation technology solution. It accurately monitors the heating status of the CeramicMesh™ heating coil (oil conductivity, oil temperature, and smoke signal) and dynamically adjusts the optimal power output to achieve precise temperature control for scientific vaporization.

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