Ealing Business License Suspended for Unlawful Product Sales

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A commercial establishment in Ealing has had its business license suspended for three months after being caught selling illegal products.

According to British media outlet MyLondon, a business establishment located in Ealing has had its operating license suspended for three months after being found to be selling illegal products. Ealing council officials discovered on two separate occasions within a three-year period that the new shop in Alambi had a significant stock of counterfeit cigarettes, nearly a thousand kilograms of smuggled rolling tobacco, and several hundred grams of Indian tobacco.

The licensee, Jugmohan Singh, allegedly concealed the merchandise behind a bag of charcoal, in a plastic bag behind the store, and even once handed over counterfeit cigarettes directly to the officials from his pocket. Bob Dear, an official from the Elling City Council, stated that during two separate visits, the shop owners were warned about the consequences of hiding illegal goods. Despite being informed that they would receive a final warning if they surrendered, they failed to do so.

This has led to a review of the store’s license by legislators Anthony Kelly, Julian Gallant, and Sanjai Kohli. According to Mr. Dhillon’s findings, the unpaid taxes amount to approximately £1225, prompting his recommendation to revoke the shop’s license.

Mr. Singh’s representative, Richard Davenport, candidly told the committee, “This is not the most serious violation,” and added, “The licensee understands that what he did was absolutely foolish.

The venue license has been suspended for a period of three months and the establishment has been instructed to find a new supervisor. Additionally, the city council strongly recommends that Mr. Singh undergo further training.

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