E-cigarette Epidemic Among Minors Sparks Concern in Russian City

E-cigarette Epidemic Among Minors Sparks Concern in Russian City


E-cigarette use among minors in the Russian city of Gorno-Altaysk has raised concerns and prompted the government to take action.

According to a report from Russian website Asfera on November 15th, Olga Savronova, the mayor of Gorno-Altaysk city in Russia, expressed concern on her social media channel about the widespread use of e-cigarettes in the city, especially among minors.

Despite the ban on smoking in public places, 194 individuals have been fined this year in our city for violating the administrative regulations. Mayor Savrova stated that the government cannot remain passive and has decided to collaborate in developing a strategy to tackle this issue.

According to reports, the number of smokers is increasing in Gorno-Altaysk due to the popularity of e-cigarettes. This has been notably observed by the city authorities. The mayor has expressed grave concern over this issue and it was discussed during a city council meeting on promoting a healthy lifestyle.

In response to this issue, the mayor has decided to develop a series of measures to address it, and has also invited citizens to share their opinions and ideas on the matter.

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