e-Cigarette Battery Explosion in UK Causes Severe Burns to Man – Shocking Incident unfolds in United Kingdom

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UK man Liam Moriarty suffered burns when a spare e-cigarette battery exploded in his van in Kent, England.

In recent news, a British man named Liam Moriarty experienced an incident where his spare e-cigarette battery fell out of his pocket and exploded under the driver’s seat, resulting in flames rushing towards him and causing burns on his arm.

The incident occurred in Dartford, Kent, where he was awaiting a delivery. A spare battery accidentally fell into the mechanism of his car seat from his pocket. Liam, who hails from southeast London, remarked, “The reclining mechanism of the chair caught the battery, what bad luck I have.

He added, “There was a loud hissing sound, and when I looked up, the flames instantly burned my elbow.

Liam’s truck is equipped with an ADR device, which enables it to transport dangerous goods, along with a fire extinguisher inside the vehicle. He utilized this fire extinguisher to extinguish the flames, successfully rescuing himself and his truck.

This is the reason why only trucks equipped with ADR devices are supplied with fire extinguishers,” he explained. He also pointed out the presence of flammable materials nearby, including beds and seats, which could potentially catch fire and destroy the truck worth 130,000 yuan. “On the side where the gear mechanism is located, there are beds and seats, all of which can burn and may go up in flames,” he said.

Liam’s injury is not severe, as the flames only caused minor burns to his skin.

I am more concerned about this truck that is only three months old,” he admitted. He said, “If the vehicle breaks down, I might lose my job and have to file a substantial insurance claim. Each truck is worth £130,000, so the claim amount would certainly be substantial.

According to a statement from a law firm, lithium-ion batteries in e-cigarettes may explode when overheated. Additionally, the flammable e-liquid inside the battery can react with oxygen, causing flames to burst out.

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