Drug Trafficking: Vietnamese Police Capture Two Students in Possession

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Three young men were arrested for drug trafficking in Vietnam; evidence of CBD drugs was found on them.

According to a report from Vietnamese media outlet Phapluatxahoi on December 22, the local police in Huai County encountered three young men who appeared suspicious during their patrol, prompting them to conduct an administrative inspection. However, upon seeing the police approach, one of them fled while the remaining two sat on an unlicensed motorcycle.

These two individuals have been confirmed to be born in 2005, and they admit to selling drugs to the fleeing man.

The evidence seized by the police includes two white plastic bottles containing CBD drugs, which were abandoned by the fleeing individual. Additionally, one of the individuals voluntarily handed over a white plastic bottle containing CBD drugs.

Subsequently, the police took both individuals, along with their evidence and means of transportation, back to the police station.

According to a preliminary drug analysis report from the local police department, four plastic bottles with black caps were found to contain blue e-liquid, which is classified as a type of illicit substance known as MDMB-4en-PINACA. This particular drug is typically converted into an essential oil format for use in e-cigarettes.

According to reports, both individuals involved are students studying at the same university. Currently, the incident is being investigated and handled by the police authorities.

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