Discover Exclusive Limited Edition Color Options for JT’s with2 Vape

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Japanese Tobacco Company (JT) will release three limited edition colors of its with2 vape device in their online store starting from December 12.

According to local Japanese media outlet Kakaku, Japan Tobacco Inc. (JT) announced on December 12th that it will gradually introduce three limited edition colors of the with2 vape device in its online store.

The series consists of three different colors: “Lucious Red,” “Cirrus Blue,” and “Palm Green.

According to reports, the device called with2 has been developed as an equipment for injecting e-cigarettes. Its main feature is the production of vapor instantly upon inhalation, eliminating the need for waiting time for heating. Moreover, it also offers dual modes, allowing users to easily switch between two heating modes with a simple button touch.

Currently priced at 1980 yen, the product is only available for sale in Japan. The starter kit includes the device, an AC adapter, a USB Type-C data cable, and a mouthpiece.

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