Debate on Legalizing E-cigarettes in Brazil Sparks Controversy


Brazilian lawmakers are discussing a bill to legalize e-cigarettes nationwide, despite opposition from lung disease expert Dr. Sebastião Costa.

According to Paraiba on November 8th, Brazil has banned the use of e-cigarettes since 2009. However, the national congress is currently discussing a bill that aims to legalize the production, importation, exportation, sale, and consumption of e-cigarettes nationwide.

In order to engage the society in this decision that could potentially impact the health of millions of people, the federal senate has conducted a public consultation on this bill.

In addition, Dr. Sebastião Costa, a pulmonary disease expert from the Federal Medical Cooperative, has issued an open letter calling on lawmakers to oppose this bill. He believes that the legalization of e-cigarettes would significantly increase the mortality rate associated with tobacco-related illnesses.

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