Concerns Raised Over High E-Cigarette Usage in New Zealand


New Zealand researchers express concern as the country ranks second globally in e-cigarette usage, particularly among teenagers.

Newstalkzb reported on November 13th that researchers from the University of Auckland in New Zealand have raised concerns about the prevalence of e-cigarette use within the country.

According to data from the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD), New Zealand ranks second globally in terms of the prevalence of regular e-cigarette use among individuals aged 15 and above, with only Estonia being higher.

In New Zealand, over 8% of the population in this age group frequently use e-cigarettes, with a higher proportion among teenagers.

Researcher Kelly Burrowes has stated that a significant number of New Zealand adolescents are being drawn to e-cigarettes, with the surge in usage surpassing that of other countries.

She pointed out that “in this age group, 18% of people are regular users of e-cigarettes, a figure that is significantly higher compared to the 5% to 8% in the United Kingdom and Australia.”

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