Concerns Over Sale of Nicotine Pouches Targeting Canadian Youth

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Canadian health unit warns of ‘Zonnic’ nicotine pouches sold in Canada, with flavors and packaging appealing to teenagers.

The Windsor-Essex County Health Unit in Canada recently issued a press release highlighting concerns about the sale of nicotine pouches branded as ‘Zonnic’, which are found to be highly appealing to teenagers due to their flavors and packaging.

These nicotine pouches are now widely available for sale in convenience stores and gas stations around the world, alongside other products like snacks and candy. Despite the recommendation from the Canadian Department of Health that individuals under 18 should not use nicotine products, the Windsor-Essex County Health Unit states that these packaged products can be purchased without age verification.

The health organization advises parents to have in-depth and open discussions with their children regarding the dangers of nicotine use.

These products, due to their addictive nicotine content, serve as a stepping stone to more dangerous substances. This is a trend we are currently experiencing, with the likelihood of teenagers using e-cigarettes to smoke tobacco cigarettes being three times higher than those who do not use them,” said Dr. Mehdi Aloosh, a medical officer. “I am deeply concerned that these products could lead to early nicotine addiction in our children.

The health authorities of Windsor-Essex County have informed local schools about these products and will closely collaborate with them to adjust school policies to prevent their use on school premises. Considering that these products have recently emerged in Canada, they are currently not covered by anti-smoking and e-cigarette regulations.

The health agency stated that currently these packaged products are being sold under the name of natural health products by the Canadian Department of Health, and are being advertised as smoking cessation tools.

Health officials will also recommend restricting the access of individuals under the age of eighteen to these products.

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