Colombian Police Dismantles Fake Marijuana Association

Colombian police dismantle fake marijuana association and arrest five suspects involved in drug trafficking. Measures taken by the authorities.

According to a report from Cope on November 2, the Cartagena police in Colombia successfully dismantled a counterfeit marijuana association being used as a hub for drug sales, resulting in the arrest of four male suspects and one female suspect. Following complaints by nearby residents about the strong odor emanating from the establishment, investigations conducted by the police revealed that the alleged marijuana association was actually an illicit drug trafficking venue.

The five suspects, aged between 22 and 27, are believed to come from Spain and Arabia, and they are suspected of committing a crime endangering public health.

According to the police investigation, their “cannabis association” has been receiving a significant number of hastily moving individuals, which is not in line with the typical behavior of legitimate cannabis association members. The authorities discovered over 4 kilograms of marijuana buds, nearly 300 grams of hashish, 5800 euros in cash, and two precision weighing scales at their residence and workplace.

The arrested individual has been handed over to the court for appropriate protection measures. The police stated that this is the third counterfeit marijuana association they have successfully dismantled in the city of Cartagena this October.

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