Chinese CDC Adult Tobacco Survey: Key Findings and Latest Results

Latest Results from Adult Tobacco Survey Conducted by Chinese CDC

China CDC has recently released the latest results of its adult tobacco survey, revealing a smoking rate of 24.1% in 2022. The data, unveiled at a meeting on November 13, indicates a downward trend in smoking rates among individuals aged 15 and above, although the male smoking rate remains high at 45.3%, while the female rate is significantly lower at 2.3%.

The survey, which involved 200,000 people from 31 provinces and 630 monitoring points, focused on tobacco use, e-cigarette use, smoking cessation, secondhand smoke exposure, and prices. It found that while smoking rates among the 15-24 age group have decreased, daily cigarette consumption among smokers is on the rise, with an average of 16.8 cigarettes smoked per day in 2022.

On a positive note, both the intention and attempted quitting rate among smokers have increased, demonstrating a positive trend in smoking cessation. Additionally, the exposure rate to secondhand smoke among non-smokers aged 15 and above has decreased by 15% compared to 2018.

However, there are also less-than-ideal findings, including an increase in the proportion of the public being exposed to tobacco marketing information and a decline in awareness of the dangers of tobacco.

It should be noted that although the smoking rate has continued to decline, there is still a significant gap from the smoking control targets set by the country. The “Healthy China 2030” plan outlined the goal of reducing the smoking rate among individuals aged 15 and above to 20% by 2030. As the deadline approaches, efforts to promote tobacco control initiatives are greatly anticipated.

Overall, the data from the Adult Tobacco Survey conducted by China CDC highlights both progress and challenges in tobacco control in China. In order to achieve the goals outlined in the “Healthy China 2030” plan, continued efforts and policies to promote smoking cessation and reduce tobacco marketing exposure are essential.

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