CCELL Introduces Latest Flagship Model Fino at MJBizCon Trade Show: A Breakthrough in Vape Technology

CCELL Unveils New Flagship Model Fino at MJBizCon Trade Show

CCELL, an e-cigarette technology company, introduced its latest flagship model, Fino, at the MJBizCon Trade Show in Las Vegas.

According to a report by PR Newswire on December 7th, e-cigarette technology company CCELL has unveiled its latest 510 model e-cigarette called Fino in Shenzhen. This new product was showcased at the MJBizCon Trade Show in Las Vegas Convention Center, adding another flagship model to their product line which already includes various options such as Go Stik, Sandwave, and Palm Pro.

The Fino power base has a capacity of 1000mAh, providing over five charges to its internal 190mAh e-cigarette. The Fino is designed with eight voltage settings ranging from 2.2V to 3.6V. These flexible options allow consumers to easily adjust the voltage through a few simple button actions, allowing them to lower the voltage for a fuller flavor experience or increase the voltage for larger smoke production.

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