BAT Design Director: Importance of Sustainable Design in HTPs


Ken Kim, the new category design director at British American Tobacco, emphasized the importance of sustainable design in the heated tobacco industry at the 2023 Korea International Design Conference.

According to a report by South Korean media Theviewers on November 2nd, Ken Kim, the new category design director of British American Tobacco (BAT), recently highlighted the modern challenges faced by the heated tobacco industry and the importance of sustainable design in a highly regulated sector during the “2023 Korea International Design Conference” held at COEX in Seoul.

Kong Ming, a spokesperson for the company, stated that “the role of design has evolved beyond mere product design, now encompassing social and environmental responsibilities.

He presented specific case studies and strategies regarding the strategic design methods to achieve carbon neutrality and designing solutions to address social issues, aiming towards a sustainable future in the industry.

In the tobacco heating industry, it is particularly important to carefully consider design elements that may impact minors and to achieve a balanced design strategy that does not stimulate the curiosity of young people by analyzing design preferences across different age groups.

Notably, Konggang Min’s design work “glo hyper air” also caught everyone’s attention at the conference. This ultra-lightweight heating tobacco product, weighing only 75 grams, takes inspiration from aircraft design, combining sleek curves and metallic colors to exhibit extremely high portability and a sense of fashion.

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