Azerbaijan Implements New Tax Policy for Tobacco and Alcohol to Boost Public Health and Revenue

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Azerbaijan has approved new tax policies on tobacco and alcoholic beverages during a parliamentary session. The consumption taxes on these products have been increased. This issue has been discussed in tax law revisions and has been passed in the third reading.

Azerbaijan has increased the excise tax on disposable e-cigarettes, hookahs, and their substitutes from 0.25 manat per item to 2 manat per item. The excise tax on small cigars has been raised from 43 manat per 1000 units to 45.5 manat per 1000 units, while the excise tax on tobacco cigarettes has increased from 38.5 manat per 1000 units to 45.5 manat per 1000 units. The tax rate on alcoholic beverages has also been increased from 4 manat per liter to 4.8 manat per liter.

[1] Azerbaijan increases taxes on tobacco and alcohol products during parliamentary session, imposing higher rates on e-cigarettes, cigars, and spirits.

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