Authorities Seize and Dispose of Illegal and Hazardous E-Cigarettes Valued at Over £2 Million

Illegal and Unsafe E-Cigarettes Worth Over £2 Million Destroyed
Illegal and unsafe e-cigarettes worth over £2.7 million have been destroyed in Northamptonshire, UK, by trade officials.
According to a report by Independent Television on December 6th, e-cigarettes worth over £2.7 million have been destroyed in Northampton, UK, after trade standard officials deemed them illegal and unsafe. When these goods were seized at a warehouse in Northampton, officials found that the capacity of these e-cigarettes exceeded the legal limit by tenfold.After obtaining a court order, a team from Northamptonshire Council proceeded to destroy all e-cigarettes.

The parliament informed the court that according to UK regulations, the maximum amount of e-liquid contained in disposable e-cigarettes should not exceed 2 milliliters. However, certain devices in the warehouse of Tongda Distributors Limited have e-liquid content reaching 20 milliliters, thereby violating the legislation.

Parliament has stated that trade regulators have launched an investigation following a report from counterparts in Essex.

According to information provided by the warehouse owner, these goods do not have a British owner but were sold to sales and distribution agents in the UK after being imported.

Member of Parliament David Smith stated:

Cracking down on the sale of illicit e-cigarettes is a key priority for the parliament, and I am pleased to hear about the outcome of today’s court proceedings, allowing us to seize and destroy illegal and unsafe e-cigarettes worth over £2 million.

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