Argentinian National Gendarmerie Discovers 5-Ton Marijuana Haul

Argentinian National Gendarmerie Discovers 5-Ton Marijuana Haul


Argentine National Gendarmerie seized 5 tons of marijuana hidden in a truck during a routine inspection in Misiones province.

Argentine media outlet Minutouno reported on January 2nd that the Argentine National Gendarmerie discovered a truck carrying 5 tons of marijuana during a routine inspection near the town of San Vicente in Misiones province.

The truck driver appeared to be normal when presenting personal documents, however, his hesitation and conflicting statements when asked for the shipment documents raised suspicions among the inspectors.

After a thorough examination using a scanning device, it was discovered that the cargo did not match the paper pulp that the driver claimed to be transporting. Buried within 198 packages were 4806 kilograms of a substance known as “marijuana.” This discovery resulted in the entire inspection station being filled with the distinct odor associated with marijuana.

The driver was arrested on charges of drug trafficking, and both the narcotics and the vehicle were seized.

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