ANYX Pro Dominates in the “Pod System Blind Taste Tests” by multi Macro KOLs, Eclipsing Ceramic Coil.


Recently, a series of blind taste tests of pod systems have been conducted by several renowned Italian vaping Key Opinion Leaders (KOLs), which have garnered significant attention from vaping lovers from all over the world. These tests evaluated multiple pod system brands on essential dimensions such as flavor accuracy, vapor density, and throat hit. In highly competitive sessions, ANYX Pro consistently received high praise from KOLs, achieving the highest scores on the tests.

ANYX has just entered the Italian market, coinciding with the celebration of its one-year anniversary. The rapid rise of this newcomer brand aligns perfectly with the outstanding performance of ANYX Pro, showcasing the brand’s ambition and strength in the vaping industry.

The highlight of the blind tests centered primarily on key attributes of pod systems, including flavor accuracy, vapor density, and throat hit. Numerous professional vapors and KOLs conducted blind tests on products from different brands across various platforms. Astonishingly, the results were remarkably consistent – ANYX Pro earns the highest overall scores, solidifying its leading position in the field of pod systems cotton coil solutions.

ANYX Pro had previously garnered significant attention in the industry due to its exceptional flavor accuracy and outstanding vapor density, providing users with an exceptional vaping experience. This product stands out for its remarkable throat hit, flavor accuracy, and voluminous vapor production. Furthermore, it offers two power modes to satisfy vapors’ desires for a realistic smoking experience. ANYX Pro excelled in all aspects of testing, underscoring its leadership position in the vaping industry. These accolades further enhance ANYX’s reputation as a vaping brand committed to innovation and quality.

Commenting on these achievements, Gery, the Head of the Italian market for ANYX, stated, “We have been committed to providing top-tier vaping products, and this recognition is the best testament to our ongoing innovation and efforts to enhance user experiences. At the same time, we are celebrating the one-year anniversary of ANYX’s entry into the Italian market. We will continue to strive to provide vapors with the highest-quality e-cigarette products.”

The success of ANYX Pro has attracted significant attention in the vaping market, offering users more choices to meet their demand for high-quality vape products. As one of the biggest vaping markets in Southern Europe, with the deepening and establishment of the ANYX brand in the Italian market, industry experts also anticipate what the brand’s future holds in the Southern European region.

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