ANYX Announces New Flavor Voted by Fans, a Perfect Ending of Its One Year Anniversary

ANYX Announces New Flavor Voted by Fans, a Perfect Ending of Its One Year Anniversary


To commemorate the first anniversary of the pod-system expert ANYX, and as a gesture of appreciation for the support of its fans, the brand launched a campaign on its official website from October 21. Over the course of a month-long voting period, culminating in the conclusion of the celebratory campaign, the flavor “Space Berry ” emerged as the fan-chosen champion.

 Official Website Poll: A Virtual Adventure for Vaping Palates

While ANYX Brand celebrated its anniversary globally, it simultaneously conducted an online flavor voting campaign through its official website. Steven, the Head of Marketing, stated, “We wanted to engage more users through online activities, allowing them to experience the diversity of the vaping world. This event is not just a celebration of our anniversary but an opportunity to co-create the brand’s future with our users. Perhaps this is the first time a vaping brand has attempted to develop new flavors in this way.”

The Head of Marketing shared insights into the enthusiastic participation of users, noting that the online format made it more convenient for users to participate in the voting, propelling their preferred flavors onto the leaderboard. He expressed, “User participation is not only about the creation of new flavors but also about deepening the interactive experience users have with the ANYX brand. We’ve witnessed an increase in user love for the brand and heightened engagement.”

Perfect Conclusion to the Online Flavor Adventure

After a month-long online voting campaign, ANYX officially announced the final voting results. “Space Berry ” claimed the top spot, becoming the highest-voted new flavor by users. “Triple Mango ” secured the second position in the voting. Meanwhile, “Lemon Kumquat Passion Fruit ” made it onto the list with its rich aroma and well-balanced fruitiness. Ultimately, ANYX revealed plans to launch pods with the “Alien Blueberry” flavor for the MAX PLUS, promising users a brand-new vaping experience.

Steven, representing the brand, concluded by expressing that ANYX will continue to listen to user feedback, with user experience being the driving force behind all future innovations in the brand’s product lineup. ANYX is committed to ongoing innovation, presenting users with more surprises in the future.

About ANYX

ANYX is a user-driven brand. Our entrepreneurial attitude allows us to provide safe, reliable, and high-quality products for our users while simultaneously creating value for our partners.We always put enjoyment and sensory pleasure at the top of our core values.We are an atomization technology company integrating strong R&D team (consisting of 120+ engineers), production, and sales and an advanced digital marketing inventory management system.We are proud of owning more than 2300 industry patents and 120 production lines covering 3 production bases.Our list of management certifications is extensive, which includes ISO9001/ISO14001/ISO20000/GMP, etc.

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