500 Tobacco Packages Seized and Two Suspects Arrested by Brazilian Police: Latest Update

Brazilian Police Seize Over 500 Tobacco Packages and Arrest Two Suspects


Police in Brazil’s New San Antonio City arrested two suspected smugglers and seized over 500 tobacco packages, cash, and other items.

According to the Brazilian media outlet Diariodecuiaba, on December 8th, the 23rd Police Battalion in Nova Santa Antônio (located 485 kilometers northeast of Cuiabá) seized over 500 tobacco packages and arrested two suspected smugglers. During the operation, the authorities also confiscated R$2300 in cash, cheques, lighters, and e-cigarettes.

According to the incident report, during the year-end operation, the police set up a checkpoint at the 58th kilometer of MT-322 highway. Suddenly, a vehicle abruptly brakes and makes a U-turn on the road.

The driver fled at high speeds in the wrong direction but was intercepted by the police after covering a distance of 20 kilometers. In regards to his attempt to escape, the man admitted to the authorities that the tobacco and other items in his vehicle were without proper invoices.

After confessing to the police, he also admitted to possessing tobacco from Paraguay and a check worth 6700 reais. The names of the two arrested men have not been disclosed by the authorities.

These items were discovered under the passenger seat carpet. Following on-site verification, the suspect and all seized items were taken to the police station.

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