1 Year After Mexico’s Smoking Ban: E-cigarettes Now Widely Available in Chinatown at Affordable Prices

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Despite a ban on e-cigarettes in Mexico, 1.7 million users still have easy access to the product.

According to a report by Mexican media source Excelsior, over a year after the implementation of the e-cigarette ban in Mexico, there are still 1.7 million e-cigarette users in the country, and e-cigarettes are still readily available in the market.

According to reports, there are several legitimate shops in the downtown area of Mexico City that sell e-cigarettes. These retail outlets offer a range of prices from 400 to 1200 pesos (approximately 166 to 500 Chinese yuan).

Some stores even display their products on their websites for online sales. In certain commercial plazas, e-cigarette vending machines can still be seen, although they have ceased operation, showcasing various e-cigarettes.

Chinatown serves as another openly accessible hub for displaying e-cigarettes, lining the streets with various colors and flavors of disposable e-cigarettes that can be purchased by anyone at a cost of less than 100 Philippine pesos (approximately 42 Chinese yuan).

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