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IECIE Vape Show Jakarta 2023
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Get free samples or souvenirs at the visitor service desk at the show site

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Free lunch voucher to enjoy lunch during the show

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Exclusive posters will be promoted online social media and offline by the organizer

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Exclusive lounge area with simple tea

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Exclusive ticket inspection channel, no need to queue up to enter the venue

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Invited to participate in various events, salons, conferences, meetings, etc.

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Many thanks to IECIE organizers for inviting ZOZO to participate in 2022 IECIE Jakarta Indonesia. The show made our overseas dealers feel very surprised and unexpected. Even though we could not go to China due to the epidemic and China's e-cigarette policy, we could still see the supply chain of vape industry and learn the latest product information.
The various brands and factories is oncoming! Everyone is full of smiles to introduce a wide variety of products. This exhibition also let us learn a lot. We would like to thank IECIE Vape Show Jakarta for bringing us an experience and thank the staff of each organizer and exhibitor. Finally, I wish IECIE better and better, and bring us a more perfect vape show.



Thank you for inviting TIGER VAPE to IECIE 2022 in Jakarta, Indonesia. This show is very appropriate, great satisfy the needs of business buyers like us. in this exhibition, we saw a lot of new brands and products. At the same time, Every booth is devoted to entertaining customers. Various brands and manufacturers brought rich experience and warm reception to us. I also appreciate their patient reception of the deaf audience. Thanks again to IECIE Jakarta for a very rich experience. I wish IECIE stronger and stronger!



I have been in business for seven years and participated in IECIE Show eight times. As IECIE's first overseas exhibition, the organizers put a lot of effort into the overall publicity. The brand and category of on-site exhibition are better and richer than other exhibitions. Hope next year's IECIE Show will have more brands suitable for the development trend of Southeast Asian market to participate! I am looking forward to iecie holding an exhibition in Malaysia in 2023.

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